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Innovative - Methodical Department of Municipal public institutions «Centralized Library System» urban district «Yakutsk» is the focal point for the 18 municipal libraries. The main function of the department - professional advice on the priority areas of library work, monitoring the situation of modern library in the city, training and implementation of innovative forms of activity.

of history 
Innovative - Methodical Department organized in January 1971 by order of the executive committee of the Yakut "Reorganization of Yakutsk city library in the central city library." At various times, joined with the Bibliographic Department (IBO). In 1990, the decision of the Directorate of CLS (Director Yakovlev MN) IMO reorganized in innovation - methodical department consisting United methodical service.

Key areas of work 
Analysis and generalization performance units CBS, identification and dissemination of experience of domestic and foreign libraries, CBS and the Republic of Yakutsk
Organization of continuous training of librarians
Further development and implementation of social and information technology in the practice of libraries

Development project - a software library activities.

- Providing temporary use of documents from the librarians of all systems and departments, students of specialized educational institutions;
- Providing factual information about libraries CBS;
- Preparation of information and information about the work of libraries, drafting press releases;
-Develop training programs for library professionals, seminars, training, workshops and other forms of work for librarians republic, city;
- Professional advice and practical assistance to libraries CBS on key aspects of library activities;
- Preparation and publication of analytical, methodical and promotional materials.

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